Modi CPA_Final_72Modi CPA is a full service accounting firm located in North Texas. Modi CPA distinction from many other firms is that we not only provide assistance in domestic tax matters but on offshore tax matters as well. Our firm realizes the importance of being compliant regardless where you conduct your activities. We have assisted clients whom are start-ups, physicians, attorneys, foreign investors and industries such as retail businesses, technology, hospitality, entertainment, etc.

Modi CPA core values are honesty, communication, and hard work as these are the values we believe for one to succeed in the world today. Communication and honesty are two vital factors that we believe in creating a valuable relationship between two parties and mix it with good work ethics then you are on your way to creating something special.

We believe the importance of your success as an individual and as a business, because if you are successful then your success can have lasting effect not only for yourself but also for our community as well, we can create jobs, create more cash flows into our economy, and overall to assist in creating a more positive environment for our family, friends, and even touch lives of people of whom we barely know.